Sennaar Logistics


Sennaar Logistics provides logistical services. We could provide a full-fledged warehouse for the safe storage of goods while being on transit. We provide complete warehousing and storage facility with excellent inventory management system coupled with trained warehousing staff. We have tie-ups with leading warehouses across the world for temporary storage of the goods. The facility is offered for a short period or for a longer duration as per requirement.
Our safe housing services are available for secure storage of the products in a clean and protected environment. All the goods kept within are palletized and systematically marked for identification. Our warehousing service is convenient and can be accessed anytime. So, if you are in the quest of some company who could deliver your consignments in safe and sound manner, we are your sole resort.
Sennaar Logistics warehouse has been designed around customer requirements with warehousing procedures including client specifications.

  • Modern, sanitary, high cube distribution center
  • Computerized warehouse management system.
  • Public or Contract Warehousing.
  • Temperature and humidity controlled warehousing space.
  • Pallet racking or bulk storage.